Ocean Mills flour milling facility is located in the heart of Fujairah’s Sea Port. Our 30,000 SQM facility consists of three main areas: flour milling, storage silos and our corporate headquarters. With an 18,500 MT storage facility for both wheat and flour, Ocean Mills is fully equipped with adequate storage to facilitate large quantities.

Quality Control

Quality control is the backbone to Ocean Mills success. Prior to receiving our shipments of wheat from our suppliers, we complete more than 25 tests on different characteristics to ensure the sample meets our high standards. All of the tests fall under 3 main categories: Physical, Chemical and Rheological. During the milling process, testing is performed at 3 different process points to ensure the quality remains consistent. Third party testing is also provided at our customer’s request at any point in the process.

Production and Storage

Ocean Mills has incorporated state of the art technology for flour-milling production and storage. With our long history of working with international suppliers, Ocean Mills has developed an 18,500 MT storage facility with daily output of over 330 MT.
A team of qualified professionals supervises our automated facility. This allows Ocean Mills to maintain our certified quality standards in all of our products. With high extractions capabilities, we can tailor any product to the needs of our clients.


Ocean Mills has a diversified fleet consisting of trucks, vans, trailers and tankers. There are 3 strategic distribution points located in the UAE. All 3 units have temperature-controlled areas as to ensure quality and freshness is guaranteed in our products. The first and primary distribution point is located at or flour milling facility in Fujairah. With this facility we cover all Northern Emirates as well as all of our International clients.  The second facility is located in Al Quoz Industrial Area and services Dubai and Sharjah. The last facility is located in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi that caters to all of Abu Dhabi and the Western Region. Deliveries are available 24 hours a day, 7days a week.